Validity, the leading provider of data quality and email marketing success solutions, has announced an expanded partnership with Iterable, the AI-powered customer communication platform. This collaboration enables businesses to instantly verify email contact information, optimizing sales and marketing campaign results and driving ROI.

Key Points:

  • Market Competition:
    • Current global email volume is around 360 billion emails per day, increasing by 15% annually (Validity’s State of Email in 2024 report).
    • Competing for consumer attention is increasingly challenging, necessitating robust email deliverability protocols.
  • Importance of Email Verification:
    • Implementing contact verification services like BriteVerify ensures teams email active, valid contacts.
    • Sending campaigns to invalid or outdated email addresses can damage sender reputation and result in wasted revenue and resources.
  • BriteVerify Integration:
    • Iterable customers can now maintain contact data quality by verifying email addresses in real-time at the point of capture.
    • Provides secure, scalable validation for marketing and sales leaders to build actionable databases and improve communication effectiveness.
    • Bulk validation for existing subscriber databases identifies outdated or invalid emails, saving time and reducing manual errors.
  • Customer Testimonials:
    • Sarah Taylor, Digital Marketing Manager at CV-Library Group, highlights the integration’s time-saving benefits and improved email list hygiene.
  • Statements from Leaders:
    • Jeff Lundal, CRO at Validity, emphasizes the crucial role of their solutions in helping businesses remain competitive.
    • Heather Blank, SVP of GTM and Partnerships at Iterable, underscores the importance of delivering meaningful, personalized, and dynamic cross-channel experiences to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

The expanded partnership between Validity and Iterable represents a significant step forward in optimizing email deliverability and campaign ROI. By leveraging real-time email verification through BriteVerify, businesses can enhance their marketing strategies, ensure better engagement, and drive revenue growth.