Unified data offering enables ID-free targeting to reach consumers in cookieless and cookie-restricted environments

Connatix, the leading video technology company for premium publishers and advertisers, announced the launch of its Data Intelligence Suite. This comprehensive offering brings together fragmented identity and contextual data from across the ecosystem to increase addressability in all video environments, allowing advertisers to reach audiences with precision and scale while creating sustainable revenue streams for publishers.

The digital advertising ecosystem faces a number of challenges brought about by third-party cookie deprecation, evolving and inconsistent measurement standards, the shift to streaming, and an overload of digital identities. The Data Intelligence Suite is comprised of a diverse set of solutions developed to support publishers and advertisers seeking to navigate these transitions and build a strong, privacy-friendly data culture.

Through Connatix’s Data Intelligence Suite, advertisers can leverage an extensive collection of innovative targeting solutions tailored to their goals, enabling them to diversify their strategies and test and compare solutions to determine what works best for their business in advance of third-party cookie deprecation. The Data Intelligence Suite will allow publishers to close the addressability gap in their inventory, leading to higher fill rates and CPMs in the wake of a cookieless future.

“The beauty of Data Intelligence Suite is that it’s not merely a solution for the cookieless world,” said Jenn Chen, President and CRO of Connatix. “It is an equally powerful complement to any kind of ID-based approach or data source. It is a complete, future-proofed suite of tools that integrates seamlessly with the data sets and measurement tools marketers are already using to grow reach and scale, uncover new insights and keep audiences fresh and immune to privacy regulations.”

Data Intelligence Suite introduces Connatix’s predictive audience targeting solution, which combines proprietary behavioral interest signals with any audience data to build predictive models, enabling advertisers to reach high-intent audiences with precision and increase scale through ID-free contextual signals. Through real-time contextual analysis using Connatix’s Deep Contextual, predictive audience targeting informs what categories, subcategories and keywords will capture audience attention based on their consumption patterns. For example, the predictive model could leverage a beauty brand’s past purchase data combined with Connatix’s proprietary consumption data to identify the content skincare buyers most often consume, such as healthy food content. By allowing advertisers to precisely pinpoint the video content audiences are watching, they can deliver the most relevant, engaging videos in a privacy-safe way to scale target audiences, ushering in a new era of audience-first contextual advertising. Together, these solutions can superpower video campaigns and uncover new insights into what resonates most with target audiences.

“At Horizon Media, we are focused on finding cookieless solutions that prioritize privacy without sacrificing our clients’ goals. Connatix’s predictive audiences have the opportunity to level up our clients’ programmatic strategies as we enter a new, privacy-first era in digital advertising,” said Megan Virginia Gavin, VP, Digital at Horizon Media. “Predictive audiences’ ability to marry intent data and precision targeting alongside scalable contextual solutions will not only help create relevancy and scalability in reaching clients’ target audiences but will also aid in driving the business outcomes that our clients care about most. Predictive audiences are a game-changer for any marketer or agency looking to future-proof their targeting strategies and reach new prospective customers at scale without a reliance on 3rd party cookies.”

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