Quark Software, a global leader in content automation, intelligence, and design software, has announced an expanded collaboration with Microsoft to extend the reach of Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen. This enterprise content lifecycle management solution is designed to automate complex and compliance-controlled content, providing global organizations with a comprehensive set of tools for managing every phase of the content lifecycle.

1. Overview of QPP NextGen and Its Capabilities

  • AI-powered content technology solutions.
  • Manages content lifecycle from creation to publishing.
  • Supports highly regulated, complex, and compliance-controlled content.

2. Integration with Microsoft Technologies

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Microsoft Data Factory, Microsoft Document Intelligence, and Microsoft Power Automate.
  • Availability in the Microsoft Azure marketplace for easy adoption and integration.
  • Enhances enterprise content and AI strategies.

3. Benefits of Using QPP NextGen on Microsoft Azure

  • Azure as the preferred cloud platform for enterprises.
  • Supports business applications at scale.
  • Addresses complexities of creating and publishing omnichannel content.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements across industries and geographies.

4. Statements from Quark and Microsoft Leaders

  • Martin Owen, CEO of Quark, on the strategic collaboration with Microsoft.
  • James Chadwick, Head of ISV at Microsoft UK, on the impact of the collaboration on digital publishing.

5. Key Features of QPP NextGen

  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365.
  • AI-driven automation for content creation, collaboration, and assembly.
  • Personalized and compliance-controlled content delivery.
  • Measuring content consumption to drive digital transformation, customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and revenue growth.

6. Availability and Migration Path

  • QPP NextGen available in the Azure marketplace later this year.
  • Seamless migration path for current users to transition to Azure.

7. Impact on Industries

  • Benefits for life sciences organizations and other regulated industries.
  • Modernization of content operations infrastructure.
  • Achievement of key business objectives through enhanced content management.

The expanded collaboration between Quark Software and Microsoft marks a significant advancement in enterprise content management. By leveraging QPP NextGen’s AI-powered capabilities on the Microsoft Azure platform, global organizations can streamline their content lifecycle management, ensuring compliance and driving growth. This partnership underscores Quark’s commitment to innovation and supporting enterprises in their digital transformation journeys.