Outpost24, a leading provider of cyber risk management and threat intelligence solutions backed by Vitruvian Partners, has announced the appointment of Ido Erlichman as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Erlichman brings over 20 years of experience in cyber security, technology, and finance, having previously transformed Kape Technologies into a leader in digital privacy and security.

1. Ido Erlichman’s Background and Experience

  • Over 20 years in cyber security, technology, and finance.
  • Former CEO of Kape Technologies.
    • Led the company to serve 7.5 million customers worldwide.
    • Oversaw its sale for $1.75 billion in 2023.
  • Transformed Kape Technologies into a category leader in digital privacy and security.

2. Vision and Leadership at Outpost24

  • Erlichman’s commitment to building on Outpost24’s strong foundation.
  • Focus on expanding and combining product lines.
  • Emphasis on innovation and customer success.
  • Simplifying cyber exposure management for modern-day attack surfaces.

3. Niklas Savander’s Appointment as Chairman of the Board

  • Niklas Savander’s extensive experience as an executive and CEO in the technology industry.
  • Previous roles include Chair and Board member at Klarna, Easypark, Cint, and Silverfin.
  • Current Chairman Jussi Wuoristo will remain a director on the Board.

4. Statements from Key Figures

  • Ido Erlichman on his new role and vision for Outpost24.
    • Excited about expanding and enhancing product offerings.
  • Niklas Savander on welcoming Erlichman as CEO.
    • Confidence in Erlichman’s ability to advance Outpost24’s strategic goals.
  • Appreciation for outgoing CEO Karl Thedeen’s contributions.

5. Recent Developments at Outpost24

  • Launch of The Outpost24 Exposure Management Platform in June.
    • Provides continuous monitoring of attack surfaces and proactive threat remediation.
    • Aligns with Gartner’s top trend for 2024: Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM).
    • Facilitates all steps of Gartner’s CTEM definition: scoping, discovery, prioritization, validation, and mobilization.

The appointment of Ido Erlichman as CEO marks a new chapter for Outpost24 as the company continues to innovate and lead in cyber risk management and threat intelligence. With Erlichman’s extensive background and strategic vision, supported by new Chairman Niklas Savander, Outpost24 is poised for continued success and global growth.