AudioEye, Inc., a leader in digital accessibility solutions, and Finalsite, the premier K-12 school community relationship management platform, have announced an expanded partnership. This collaboration aims to significantly enhance digital accessibility for K-12 schools through a new growth strategy and comprehensive go-to-market approach utilizing AudioEye’s advanced accessibility testing and remediation platform.

Key Points:

  • Expanded Partnership:
    • The partnership focuses on addressing the growing digital accessibility requirements for K-12 schools.
    • AudioEye’s platform will provide advanced accessibility testing and remediation to meet the needs of Finalsite’s extensive client base.
  • New ADA Regulations:
    • The Justice Department’s new rule under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires state and local government entities, including public schools, to achieve digital accessibility compliance.
    • Schools must meet these requirements within two to three years, depending on their population size.
  • Finalsite’s Commitment:
    • Finalsite serves 7,000 clients across 115 countries and is dedicated to providing accessible education technology solutions.
    • Their approach to digital accessibility goes beyond legal requirements to ensure equality and inclusivity for all users.
  • Challenges in K-12 Digital Accessibility:
    • A nationwide study revealed that over 95% of K-12 school home pages had at least one detectable accessibility error.
    • Nearly two-thirds of websites failed to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), potentially hindering access to critical information for students and families.
  • Statements from Leaders:
    • David Moradi, CEO of AudioEye: Emphasized the partnership’s potential to meet growing accessibility demands and support school districts with their unique needs.
    • Jon Moser, Founder and CEO of Finalsite: Highlighted accessibility as a fundamental equality issue and praised the partnership for offering new ways to check and remediate inaccessible content.
  • Innovative Solutions:
    • The expanded partnership introduces new tools and strategies to help schools achieve ADA compliance and enhance digital accessibility.
    • The collaboration aims to foster inclusivity and provide effective digital solutions for the K-12 education sector.

The expanded partnership between AudioEye and Finalsite marks a significant advancement in addressing digital accessibility challenges for K-12 schools. By leveraging AudioEye’s advanced technology and Finalsite’s extensive reach, the partnership aims to help schools meet new ADA regulations, enhance accessibility, and foster an inclusive educational environment for all students.