Align, the premier global provider of technology infrastructure solutions and Managed IT Services, has announced the addition of a new exfiltration prevention feature to its Align Guardian Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering. Powered by Adlumin, this innovative feature is designed to detect and halt attackers from exfiltrating data, providing a robust defense against modern ransomware tactics that employ double-extortion techniques.

1. Overview of the New Feature

  • Introduction of exfiltration prevention to Guardian MDR.
  • Complements existing ransomware prevention capabilities.
    • Stops ransomware encryption quickly enough to save 99% of files.
  • Provides comprehensive protection against both data encryption and theft.

2. Importance of the New Feature

  • Addresses modern ransomware tactics, including double-extortion techniques.
  • Ensures organizations are protected from evolving cyber threats.
  • Critical for maintaining the security of sensitive data, particularly for clients in the alternative investment industry.

3. Statements from Align Leadership

  • Vinod Paul, President of Align Managed Services:
    • Highlights the commitment to innovation and client support.
    • Emphasizes the enhanced protection’s importance for clients.

4. How the Exfiltration Prevention Feature Works

  • Utilizes decoy files to attract malicious actors.
  • Monitors these files for signs of encryption or data exfiltration.
  • Terminates suspicious processes at the earliest stages.
  • Proactive approach significantly reduces the risk of successful ransomware attacks and data breaches.

5. Benefits to Align’s Managed Services Clients

  • Automatic inclusion of the new feature at no additional cost.
  • Enhanced security measures without extra financial burden.

The addition of exfiltration prevention to Align’s Guardian MDR offering marks a significant advancement in the fight against modern ransomware tactics. This innovative feature not only complements the existing ransomware prevention capabilities but also provides a comprehensive defense against data encryption and theft. With this enhancement, Align continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and protecting its clients from evolving cyber threats.