Acquisition of both companies simultaneously deepens industry stronghold and creates best of breed channel partner marketing technology and talent

Ansira Partners, Inc., an independent global marketing technology and solutions company with proprietary channel, website, and advertising technology platforms, announced the acquisition of BrandMuscle and  SproutLoud, two leading channel partner marketing companies that, like Ansira, work with clients in distributed ecosystems. The acquisitions bring together best in class talent and platform technology into one entity.

“Understanding the swiftly changing market from the new digital-first buyer to the importance of being present before, during, and after customer transactions, to the shift of software and services firms connecting to grow around a core platform, we know that channel partner marketing has found its time,” said Ansira CEO Paul Tibbitt. “Bringing together the best of Ansira’s tech and talent with BrandMuscle and SproutLoud creates a powerful force in ecosystem enablement. Today’s acquisitions also expand Ansira’s partner network and strengthen our partner marketing and local enablement expertise.”

These strategic acquisitions bring together like-minded, talented teams who will continue to drive innovative platform development surrounded by industry-leading services, benefiting from the complementary technologies of BrandMuscle and SproutLoud. Ansira will continue to serve a robust range of client verticals including: automotive, high technology, beverage, financial services, QSR, franchise and multi-location retail, telecommunications, travel and hospitality, insurance, home services, and manufacturing.

“When we acquired Ansira in Q4 2023, we set out a vision to reposition Ansira as the preeminent tech-enabled outsourced solutions provider in the channel marketing space,” Truelink Managing Partner Luke Myers said. “This momentous simultaneous acquisition of BrandMuscle and SproutLoud is a key step in Ansira’s journey. The timing was fortuitous for us to bring together the best of all three companies to create this innovative, market-leading technology platform with the brightest minds in distributed marketing to deliver even greater results for clients.”

Ansira, BrandMuscle, and SproutLoud have all been recognized in industry reports including:

  • Canalys Ecosystem Landscape
    • All three companies are included on the “islands” for Through-Channel Marketing Automation and Channel Incentive Management
  • Forrester research reports covering Through-Channel Marketing Automation and Channel Incentive Management
    • All three companies were recognized for delivering market-leading solutions or performing with a strong competitive edge compared to other marketplace offerings

“By joining Ansira, we bring our significant expertise working across an intricate network of suppliers, distributors, and accounts necessary to activate in local markets with compliance in highly regulated industries,” BrandMuscle CEO Scott Weeren said. “For over twenty years, one key industry that BrandMuscle has served is the beverage vertical, and we’re eager to bring our knowledge of this industry, along with our core industry focus of insurance, financial services, and manufacturing, into the combined entity.”

“Combining Ansira, BrandMuscle and SproutLoud resources gives us improved capabilities and expertise to deliver even greater value to our collective client communities,” said SproutLoud Founder and CEO Jared Shusterman. “We are passionate about the go-to-market motions of channel partners and frontline teams, and we’ll continue to innovate with the leading distributed marketing technology and services platform of our industry.”

Channel Partner Marketing, also referred to in the industry as Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) or Partner Marketing Automation Platforms (PMAP), is the alignment of partners like agents, resellers, distributors, or franchisee owners, with an enterprise company to market or sell the goods and services of the enterprise brand on their behalf. This indirect sales motion is a long-standing marketing and sales model that is expected to grow rapidly, with McKinsey leaders predicting that channel partner ecosystems will drive 30 percent of the global economy by 2030.

The acquisitions are effective immediately and terms will not be disclosed.

Ansira is backed by Truelink Capital, a middle-market private equity firm based in Los Angeles.

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