Samba TV, a leader in TV data, has announced an expanded partnership with Havas Media Network North America (HMN NA). This collaboration leverages Samba’s proprietary data to power Havas Media’s Meaningful Rating Point (MRP) product for cross-platform planning and measurement. Additionally, Samba’s audience targeting segments are now available on Havas Media Network’s Converged platform, providing US clients with advanced tools for media audience planning.

1. Integration of Samba Data in Havas Media’s Tools

  • Samba’s automatic content recognition (ACR) data is now part of Havas Media’s MRP and Converged platform.
  • This integration provides optimization for both linear and streaming audiences.

2. Meaningful Rating Point (MRP) Product

  • MRP goes beyond traditional TV ratings, offering a nuanced view of the video landscape.
  • Combines Nielsen, Comscore, and Samba’s data for comprehensive audience analysis.
  • Real-time analysis of audience reach and engagement for more effective video investments.

3. Enhanced Audience Segmentation and Targeting

  • Samba audience segments are now accessible in Converged, including customized segments for specific needs.
  • Enables TV audiences to be addressable on all screens, enhancing campaign reach from TV to digital.
  • Useful for extending campaign reach, retargeting, and optimizing frequency for major events like the Olympics.

4. Advanced Analytics and Custom Solutions

  • Havas Media leverages Samba’s granular, real-time data for advanced analytics and data science.
  • Custom model development, personalization, and activation in a cloud environment.
  • Integration provides a holistic approach to campaign optimization, combining multiple data sources.

5. Industry Impact and Benefits for Advertisers

  • Independent viewership data from Samba TV ensures unbiased measurement and optimization.
  • Tools provided by the partnership help advertisers reduce excess frequency and achieve efficient reach.
  • Advertisers can confidently plan, activate, and measure campaigns across multiple platforms.

The expanded partnership between Samba TV and Havas Media Network North America marks a significant advancement in audience insights and campaign optimization. By integrating Samba’s comprehensive data into Havas Media’s innovative tools, advertisers gain powerful capabilities to enhance their marketing strategies and achieve meaningful results.